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Give Corporate Employees the Training They Need to Learn & Lead

Unlock the potential of your people.

With courses for every role and level, Udemy Business is a comprehensive learning solution that helps you drive business outcomes.

Drive company-wide learning — and company-wide success

Our accelerated learning approach is proven to fast-track learning and improve knowledge retention.

You’ll participate in activity-based learning and have the opportunity to share your learning experience with peers from other companies which will help embed your learning.

At The QHSE Group , we’ll make sure you have an excellent learning

experience that includes:

  • An on-going relationship to ensure we understand and meet your continuing

training needs

  • A clear learning journey to embed skills and add value to your organization
  • A best-in-class pre-course experience, including timely delivery of information

so you arrive at your training fully prepared and ready to learn

  • A training experience that uses accelerated learning techniques
  • A highly regarded BSI qualification to acknowledge your new expertise
  • Opportunities to network with peers on the course and learn through

shared experiences

Why choose in-house training?

Our courses can be delivered in-house at a location of your choice.

Our in-house courses are led by experienced tutors who are skilled in both their subject matter and in the most effective ways for delegates to learn

The QHSE Group offers training in many different formats - Choose the right format for you

Live online training

With BSI’s live online training, you can take the same high-quality classroom course with the same expert tutor, simply delivered in a virtual environment, regardless of where you’re located. You can even book a course that’s dedicated to your organization, so a group of you can all train at the same time – from anywhere.

On-demand learning

Available on-demand 24/7, you can now learn with more flexibility than ever before. Our growing range of video learning, e-learning and micro-learning modules delivers the same high-quality content you’d expect from BSI, using a combination of video, online course materials and embedded assessment.

Distance learning

Gain a diploma or certificate at your own pace and whenever it’s convenient to you. Distance learning is cost effective and puts you in control, so you can fit your learning around your work and home life. Access video tuition, physical workbooks, supporting documents and phone and email support with an expert BSI tutor

Risk Management- ISO 31000:2018

Risk management is the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks (defined in ISO 31000 as the effect of uncertainty on objectives, whether positive or negative) followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities.

Integrated Management System Training

Integrated Management System Training helps you to achieve unity. The IMS is a way for organizations that already have a combination of formal management system standards (such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 & ISO 20000) to create the framework for integrating these within a single system.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Training

Our ISO 9001 quality management training is designed for organizations of all sizes and sectors. Our courses will help you continually monitor and manage the quality of your performance across all operations. You’ll learn how to achieve and benchmark consistent output by improving infrastructure, performance, work environment and objectives. By embedding ISO 9001 you’ll drive positive customer experiences by achieving consistency in your quality of service.

ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Training

Our OH&S management system training will help you understand the principles of setting up a robust framework to manage all your health and safety needs, whatever the size and nature of your business

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Training

Our ISO 14001 management systems training puts environmental best practice at the heart of your operations. It enables your business to grow and succeed while reducing its impact on the environment. You will learn how to meet the latest Environmental Management Systems (EMS) policy requirements and benefit from a structured approach to achieving environmental objectives.

Six Sigma Green & Black Belt Training

Our Lean Six Sigma Certification is an opportunity to prove that the skills you have developed through your training, your examination and the successful completion of a project(s) are rewarded through a qualification that will be recognised globally. Our certification provides the confidence that existing and prospective employees have achieved a defined and tested level of expertise in the use of Lean Six Sigma

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In-house training provides businesses with the opportunity to enable employees to receive training sessions that are more focused for individual needs. These are the additional benefits:

Businesses can save employees time and in turn, money, as employees will not be required to travel to a training centre for the duration of the course.

Real life examples included, in order, to help employees apply their learned skills to real life situations more effectively.

Interactive training with team members can be used which is much more enjoyable and engaging for those attending.

In-house training courses provide businesses with flexibility that suits e.g. avoiding peak operation times of the business.

There are a wide variety of courses that can be tailored to meet individual business needs.

Training Methodology

We believe in applying a range of training and facilitation procedures and techniques that fit your requirements, time frame as well as budgetary constraints.

Presentation by subject experts

Case studies and simulated projects

Questionnaire for self analysis and other learning instruments

Thorough evaluation and charting out individual action plans

Group and individual exercises

Behavior modulation through role plays

Conferences (including video conferences), seminars and webinars

Corporate Training | Quality Management Training | QHSE Group

Action Plans and Training Follow-up

To make sure that the skills and concepts introduced and discussed in our programs are properly incorporated and transferred to respective job roles, we undertake a session dedicated to formulating action plans before the close of any training programs.

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To make sure that the skills and concepts introduced and discussed in our programs are properly incorporated and transferred to respective job roles, we undertake a session dedicated to formulating action plans before the close of any training programs.